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How to Get More Likes on Facebook Page?

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get more likes on facebook vs. googleAre you interested in learning some fun software and tools to help your Facebook Page more entertaining and engaging? We’ve all heard of buying likes from Facebook, or run Facebook ads for more followers, but this article is not about these.

Learn from unique Facebook pages:

One Facebook page scored 1 million “likes” in 13 days by asking for “Likes”. Another page called : “I bet Texas can get 1 million fans before any other state” has 1,078,816 likes right now, but the amount of time it took is unsure. How about this:

Hi  World. We want a puppy! Our dad said we could get one if we get 1 million likes! He doesn’t think we can do it! So LIKE this!

Two girls wanted a puppy, so they created the Facebook page “twogirlsandapuppy”. It was rumored that 7 hours after this webpage was created, their dad had to prepare a place for a new arrival.
get more likes for facebook

Can you copy this to get more likes?

Create a unique, or rather an “absurd” Facebook page so that it could go viral in a matter of hours. The format is like this: “If I get one million likes, I will ______” In the blank area, You can choose to put “shave half of my hair off“, or anything that you think people will be amused enough to ‘like’ your page. However, the results are not guaranteed. Some Facebook pages with similar slogans could not hit the jackpot. Absurd method means rare; not all people can copy the examples above to get noticed and liked by the Facebook community. So how can you get more likes on Facebook pages from ordinary people – your real fans?

Add Facebook page to your website

There is a must for any website owners to do is to add your Facebook page to your own website. Many websites put their Facebook like box inside their sidebars, near the top. You can also add a Facebook “like” button on top of your posts or near the end of each one for people to easily access it.

facebook apps

Post interesting and useful content

Writing  interesting, informative and educational articles on your website and posting them on your Facebook page is unarguably the most important reason for people to like your Facebook page. Spending time to engage with your fans on your Facebook page is equally important.

Post more photos

Photos and images always take the favorite spot across the social media networks. Facebook fans are no exceptional for this. So when you don’t have any news to post on your Facebook page, you can offer some funny or meaningful images you’ve found from internet. Check out this photo:
optimize images _create beautiful images by yourself

How to create this image by yourself?

The Facebook community loves interesting photos, images, e Cards, memes and info-graphics. Visually entertaining stuff on Facebook can easily get a bunch of likes.

Post frequently and regularly

You need to keep your Facebook fans engaged and entertained constantly for them to like your pages and follow your activities. If you find it is too time-consuming, using some helpful tools to automate social media marketing activities.

Create a call-to-action

Learn from the successful Facebook pages mentioned earlier, ask your visitors to like, share or comment on your Facebook page, they are more likely to offer you a “like”.
using free facebook to make money online

Software to create your own memes, images or infographics for your Facebook page status

You can usememegeneratorto create your own memes that associate with your own brands.  When people “like” your creations and talk about them, they are naturally getting themselves familiar with your brands.

Good infographics can take the place of a whole article. For making your own infographics, I found out a very good website called Piktochart. This website offers a lot of ready to use infographic designs either for free or with a fee. For tech-savvy people this might not be worthy news, but for others, this website can save you a lot of valuable time and energy that you can use for better causes.

copy and paste to make money online

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People also love to share funny or silly images. Register with jibjab to access their funny eCards  and videos, post them on your Facebook page status to attract more fans.  There is a cost associated with this service: $1 per month.

You can also choose to use a free website of to make your own ecards, such as the one I made above. You can put on your own wordings or find some encouraging quotes to go with them, neat and easy.

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