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How To Get Blog Traffic? | 6 Must Known Tactics

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how to get blog traffic?Traffic not only helps you to create good competition but also tells you how popular your blog is. Traffic is one of the factors which help you to judge whether your blog is successful or not.

Many bloggers have been blogging for years, but still are not able to generate a decent volume of  traffic.  On the other hand some new blogs can generate good traffic in shorter time, simply because they are having a real and relevant content, blog titles are attractive and descriptive, and they are always engaged in the social media sites and building a good network… So the  important question for every blog is how to get blog traffic and keep people stick to your blog or website?

Below I have listed the most basic six tactics,  from SEO standpoints, that any blogger needs to know and should apply to increase traffic for the blog.

 1 Get Blog Traffic Through Interesting Content and Eye-catching Titles:

Content is king. To make your site successful or popular, site content needs to be unique and good quality. Writing a good and unique content always helps your site or blog to rank well in search engines.

People prefer contents which are controversial, interesting and unusual. They are also ready to share the post with other communities if they find your post to be informative and valuable.

Content does play an important role to keep the user engaged to your site. But the only way to let user engaged with your post is by having interesting titles.

For example: Titles like ” prepare for exams in 7 days” will get more traffic than normal title “prepare for exams” as the title itself is attractive, it all depends on your portal.

 2 Keyword SEO:

Keyword is one of the most important factors in SEO. Do the keyword researches using proper tools. Keep in mind about the keyword density. Don’t use too many keywords which is known as keyword stuffing, otherwise you will be banned or be penalized by Google.

magicsubmitter_google traffic_how to get blog traffic

3 Link Building:

Link building is the best way to get your site more traffic.

There are many link building strategies . You can submit your sites to Directories and Social Bookmarking sites; you can mention your site during discussions in a Forums, you can submit Guest posting ( check out below) , or submit to Press release ….All these strategies will help your site in terms of indexing as well as generating traffic.

The link building process takes a lot of time, however it’s worth the effort for a long term benefit.


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4 Get Blog Traffic Through Social Media:

There are many social media sites, among them the most popular sites are Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. They help your site to get free traffic. Become an active member by posting regularly updates on such social media sites.

You can also engage with other popular social media sites such as Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram if you have a lot of images on your blog.  You can use some software to help you manage all these social media sites on one dashboard.

HootSuite: Social Media Management for Business

Don’t forget to ask your friends, relatives or colleagues to share your post to others. This is an indirect way of promoting your site or blog through their networks, which will help your posts to be popular and gain more readers and traffic without much cost.

The most basic step should be adding a social media share button to your post, it encourages users to share it on social media sites.

5 Building a Network to Get Blog Traffic:

The important thing in today’s internet world is to let people know who you are and what you do. Everyone’s having a social media account now a days, try to engage yourself in the related field of your interest, and build a ever-growing network.

Talk to people, promote yourself or your business; make them aware about your products, services and websites. People who are interested in your products and services will definitely visit your site.

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6 Guest Posting to Gain More Blog Traffic:

Guest posting basically means writing an article on someone else’s website or blog. It helps in promoting brands along with building your reputation in the niche market. It is the most challenging part of an SEO, but many successful bloggers are still doing this, because it can get you quality backlinks.

Now a day’s most of the bloggers go for writing a post as a freelancer. Similarly, you too can write a post  for others website, or accept posts from others for your own site. Doing guest posting will definitely bring in those readers from other sites to your site, and help them find more interesting posts to explore.


Chintan Doshi is an SEO professional and blogger over five years. He writes his blog on his favorite topics and experiences. Currently is working for the company Justdial limited.

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