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How to Create a Website and Make Profits?

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make profit from your websiteIn recent years more and more people have turned to be internet-made Super Rich“.  Comparing with investing in physical real estate, it is much safer and easier to build your dream lifestyle through online business, because it requires very minimal cost and much less risk to start with.

How to create a website that can make profit for you in the long run? This article will introduce basic steps with some practical tips.

How to create a website – basic steps

1.    Don’t buy your domain yet.

It is very important to First sit down and do some research on what niche market your website is to be in, before you rush to buy a domain name.

Ask yourself some questions:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are you good at?
  • What unique knowledge do you have that people can benefit from?

To find a suitable niche is the important first step for creating a profitable website down the road.

make profit with your websiteAs a beginner, it might take some time to understand the importance of long tail keywords and its SEO benefits for your future websites.  However, make sure you have some keywords in mind when you choose your domain name.

Take my blog as an example, the keywords are online business, make money online, etc, and its main purpose is to introduce practical ideas and methods of making money from internet. You can narrow down your targetted niche to a much smaller one, such as a toy website for age 3 to 5-year-old boys only.

List many keywords that relate to this small niche, and play around with these keywords to see if you can come up with a short domain name that includes one of your keywords and still available for purchase.

Equally important is that you are interested in the niche yourself because, without a strong passion to nurture your new website, your website will be hard to stand out in the future.
how to create a website using long tail keywords

2.   Register a good domain.

A domain name is your website address.  It is also your online business brand in the making.  A domain name with the main keyword in it will help for better Google ranking. So carefully choose a domain name that is

  • short
  • easy to remember
  • not all numbers
  • better has a major keyword in it that can describe your website
  • “dot com” is better than “.net”

Then, go to GoDaddy, click “Find your domain”, you can start your domain search right there.

3. Choosing a cheap and reliable hosting company

However, if you have time to learn how to create a website from the very beginning, and enjoy doing so, you should choose a cheap and reliable hosting company to host your website, and start to build your website with or without professional helps.

A web hosting company provides data space for your website so that you can write blog posts, create forums, install shopping carts, add photo galleries to enrich your website content.

I don’t talk about creating a free website here, because a free website is not your own “online real estate”, it belongs to the website that hosts your site.

There are many web hosting companies you can choose from to host your website. You do need to pay for hosting services annually, but the fees are minimal. For example, if you choose hostgator to host your website, your cost is $142 for 3 years with its 20% off discount offer. 

If you plan to start an ecommerce,Volusion’s 15 days free trial is a good offer to start. Volusion offers the best software in the ecommerce industry. Its feature-rich software makes your website’s customization easy and smooth. You can have any tools you need for building a fully functional and user-friendly ecommerce, selling products online, taking orders, tracking inventory and processing shipping.

How to create a website –  build up valuable content

Get the bone structure of your site ready

The technical part of creating a website is a bit overwhelming at the beginning. If you choose to use WordPress to power your website, you first need to install a good theme, tweak around to get familiar with all the features and improve the layout of your website, install more plugins to get extra features, learn basic HTML/CSS coding to enhance the website’s usability and make it visually appealing…

However, if you can’t afford so much time to do everything by yourself, or maybe you prefer to avoid all the frustation of self-learning, you can always consider hiring professional web designers, or finding goodvirtual assistants from crowdsourcing sites. Using virtual assistant is a cheaper option.

Add meat onto the bones

Now, Let’s talk about the more difficult part of creating a profitable website – how to create valuable content?

Think about who your readers or customers are. Are they stay-at-home parents, part-time job seekers, college students, vegan eaters, kids looking for fun stuff…. ?

Understand what they want from your website. Are they looking for business advice, job opportunities, money-making methods, places to buy cheap textbooks, healthy menus, free games…?

Bear these knowledge of your audience in mind, you now can start to write blog posts that answer their questions, create forums for discussions and exchanges, build up membership site to teach newbies, sell your software to targeted customers, make social media sites to connect like-minded groups.

Content is king. Only great content and useful information will make people come back to your website, like it on social networks, stay engaged on your site. These are great signals for search engines to catch and rank your website higher on SERP (search engine results page).

We all know the goal for creating a website is to make profits. But no website can make any profit without good traffic. One key factor for generating quality traffic for your website is to constantly produce useful content.

  • Your readers/customers love useful content and will not miss any of your new posts by subscribing to your email lists or RSS. You can make money with your email list and RSS subscribers.
  • Keep your website updated. Google and other search engines rank updated websites higher than obsolete ones. Higher ranking will translate into more valuable organic traffic that any website owners love.

It is the right time to jump onto the wagon and start to create your own website and make profit out of it.

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