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How To Blog? - Be Original

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how to blog -be original

How to blog? If you are a blogger, always try to practice unique blog post writing because that is the only way you can make your mark in the world of blogging. Copied content only plagues the World Wide Web and Google simply eliminates sites containing them. Hence, you should always produce unique content so that you are not only safe from search engine banishment but also offer your readers something new and fresh to read. And when your readers enjoy your blog, you move an inch closer to reaching the popularity you want your blog to attain.

Why should you be original when you blog?

Copying kills originality

There are more than billion people in the world. And every one of us has our own style and preferences. You may read someone’s blog and find it immensely interesting. Fine! But please do not sit and copy it. This way, you will not only make your site commonplace but will also lose your originality. If you keep copying, you will never be able to develop your own potential.

Copy is never better than the original

Do you think we can have another Einstein, Michael Jackson or a Bill Gates? They made a name for themselves because they were original. What they did was unique and it is exactly what made them so popular. If we ever manage to be anything by copying them, it will, at the most, be their copies or shadows. So, the next time you try to copy, ask yourself if you want to be called a mere photocopy of someone or an original.

You are bound to have your audience

The popular blogs may have their individual base of audience but it does not mean that there is no one to read yours. There, obviously, are people who would like to hear what you have to say and like to read your style of writing. And it is these people who can make you popular one day. So, continue writing for these special few.

How can you be original when you blog?

Be passionate

People do not want to know how much a blogger knows, they like those who like what they do and talk as if he or she is one of them. They like to read bloggers who add passion to their knowledge and skills. Honestly express how you feel. It does not matter if it is a bit scandalous or controversial. You never know, may be, it is this very passionate style of yours that is able to attract the desired audience.

Speak in your own voice

Whenever you do blog post writing, use your own voice, not your favorite blogger’s. There has to be something peculiar about you, there always is in every one of us. Whenever you address your readers, give it your best shot; write in a way that your feeling gets expressed through it. Your audience should be able to feel exactly how you felt while writing it. If you manage to get this quality, readers are bound to come back to your site again and again.

Be creative

If you are a beginner, do not expect yourself to be superbly creative at the very initial stage. Quality writing is a skill that develops through practice. The more experience you gain, the better you get at being creative and innovative.

Do not follow the herd

Following the herd will only make you lose yourself in the crowd. It does not matter how loud you shout, your voice is bound to go unheard in the noise. So, it is better that you stay away from the herd and talk in a way people would like to listen. Do not write in a particular way just because others are writing in that manner. Instead, stick to your own style.

Express love for your readers

Let your writing express love and kindness towards your readers. Thank them for appreciating you. When they receive this appreciation, they will continue to be your audience forever.

Provide exactly what is demanded

Check out your comment box or send out a questionnaire to find out what your audience needs. Once you get to know what they want, try your best to supply them with that. If your audience gets what they need from you, they will surely never go to any other blogger.

All we writers have a unique quality; let’s explore it instead of trying to copy others. Let us not wait for our muse to say “Fool!” “Look in thy heart and write”.


Aditi Datta is a professional and adept blogger and content writer.  Her passion is blogging and she also provides effective writing tips and guidelines through her researched works. 

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