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Getting The Best Result Out Of LinkedIn PPC

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linkedin ppcLinkedIn, as a professional social network, allows users to curate and upload their resumes, create and join professional groups, exhibit their portfolios and scout for talents to add to their businesses and organizations. LinkedIn now includes more than 200 million users who use it to advance their social connection in their careers.

Social media networks as a whole has turned into the biggest driver of traffic to any websites, which amounts to two thirds of the entire internet traffic.

Over time, different social networks have differentiated themselves as a right place for a given type audience. Facebook remains the biggest social network that attracts all users across the globe. Pinterest has evolved into a grand stage for retailers to showcase their products. The features of LinkedIn and its vibrancy make it the ideal place to place advertisements to the professionals and business owners who use the service.

LinkedIn works with a Pay Per Click (PPC) ads arrangement where those who wish to place ads on the network need to bid on the Cost per Click (CPC) against other advertising. This arrangement makes sure that the ad campaign with the highest CPC allocation gets the most exposure. The least CPC is $2 and at any time. The site will suggest to you a range that reflects the cost and competition available in your niche.


For your LinkedIn ad campaigns to perform above par, you need to embrace the following suggestions.

A/B testing

You must thoroughly test the response you get from each ad campaign that you start. Creating an ad is a creative process, and each attempt may present an attractive feature or include barriers that turn people away. As with any ad copy attempt, you need the right words, the best hook to get your viewers’ attention, a call to action that is trustworthy, and an overall urgency in the message. To make the best performing campaign, you need to come up with several parallel campaigns, and then run them concurrently as you rigorously study their performance. This will help you tweak your campaign parameters to achieve the best performing combination.

Allocate enough money

To run enough campaigns during testing and after it, you need enough money. Even though the site will suggest a bidding range of $2 to $2.5, you need to bid at a higher value that the given range. The simple rule of the site is that higher bid = better impression. When your funds do not allow you to bid any higher than the given range,maintain your bid at the high range of the given suggestions. Since you will be bidding against other advertisers for the highest CPC to have your ad show most prominently, it is best that you allocate enough money for advertising. Once you have your data from the A/B testing that you do, increase your bids gradually and continue testing until you find your ideal bid price that gives you the desired number of ad appearances.

Be professional

LinkedIn is a professional network and people choose to conduct their affairs professionally when they are using it as a tool for business or career advancement. Respect your users by creating a professionally looking ad campaign and they will reciprocate by giving you the attention that you seek. If you are new to LinkedIn, join some of the groups and discussions in your niche, look at user profiles and their portfolios, as this will give you a general feel of how people think within LinkedIn. It is the insider information that would catapult your ad campaign to success, as your message resonates with your target audience. Still on the issue of professionalism, try to advertise only products and services that are appropriate and respectful to the age and professions of your target audience.

Avoid too many ad-visibility filters

Lastly, you need to target a sizable mass to achieve higher than average results. Do not use too many filters that render your ad only suitable for a thousand people who may not log into the network when your campaign is running. If you must have any filtering criteria, then apply the A/B principal discussed above, where you create different campaigns and test their results as you tweak each subsequent one. Go ahead and follow all the suggestions above to get a favorable return on your LinkedIn PPC investment.

Jason Smith is an online manager for Inbound Marketing Company. Jason loves to blog about online strategies that are related to SEO, content marketing, PPC & Lead generation.

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