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earn with money-making websites using affiliate marketingI always love passive income. With passive income, you can work and play anywhere in the world and still make money, you can make money even when you sleep. One popular way of making passive income online is to promote affiliate products on a well-designed website, it is called affiliate marketing.

With the tool I’m going to introduce to you, everyone can easily jump into this affiliate marketing bandwagon with the help of a money-making website and start to enjoy passive income.

Wait a minute…

Will it be difficult to make a website, a money-making website without any knowledge of HTML coding, web design, SEO and more…?

If you are intimidated by web designing HTML coding stuff, you are not alone. However, with a handy website creation tool, you can start your own internet business without any knowledge of web design and coding, and BEST OF ALL…


Nothing is better than a premade website that you can claim to be yours all for free, and not to mention, this website can make you passive income month by month on autopilot. So, let’s move on to the details….

It is a website creation tool called “Free Monthly Websites 2.0“.

A Free Money-making Website to You:

You can have one basic and nice-looking niche website for free each every month. Check out this site for its Free version. You don’t need to worry about editing tedious HTML code, or any web design issues, or even the content and niche selection, as all these technical hurdles have been taken care of by its professional team.

To turn your free website into a money-making website, you need to add Google AdSense Publisher code to your website. Everyone with a decent website can apply for being a Google AdSense Publisher, it can take little time to get approved. With this handy website creation tool, you will be instructed to put your own publisher code into the right box to start making money from Google AdSense.

There are several other ways to make passive income from your free website. You can also collect affiliate commissions from clickbank popular products using banner display or content marketing. If you don’t know what clickbank is, it is one of the most used affiliate networks online for affiliate marketers to make passive income.

[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B00I1MS5A6,B00PG05WSY,B00F1G0GRA” listprice=”1″]
You can put your own Amazon banners on your free website too. Amazon is one of the most visited eCommerce sites, every website owner should consider to join Amazon publisher team to make easy passive income.

Building email list is the very important step to build your internet empire. This website creation tool allows you to start to build your mailing list from the very beginning.

Every Month You Get a Free Money-Making Website:

If you understand that one well-designed website can make you good passive income from several sources, then do you wish you could have more websites built for you?

How about 10 websites, or even hundreds of websites, all nicely designed for carefully selected niche markets, and you can claim them to be yours, all FOR FREE? Month by Month. This is why the “Free Monthly Websites 2.0” is so attractive to people with money-making minds.

Free Monthly Websites 2.0 provides you free business websites every month without any charge. The websites designed by professional internet marketers each month are targeting different and popular niches. What you can do is to add your own Google publisher code and other affiliate links and display ads on your own new websites, whenever you feel like to have another new website in the niche you are interested.

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So what is the catch? Why do they offer free websites to everyone?

The guys behind this free website creation tool can make money at the same time from your website. One way they can make money is through a background advertisement from your free website.  However this ad program is also affiliated to you – the website owner, so that you can make a commission from it as well.

It is a win-win situation.

With “Free Monthly Websites 2.0”, everyone can literally create any number of websites for free and place them online to earn an automated passive income for life.

So what are you waiting for? Join them today to help each other to make more passive income.


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