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For Gamers and Kids: Playing Games to Make Money

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playing games and make money

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There are now opportunities where gamers and kids can make money online playing games. While the concept of playing games to make money online is not entirely new, the format of this concept is certainly changing.

Make money with game streaming websites:

Video game streaming is the latest trend that has caught the fancy of the kids and the gamers. The video game streaming websites are sites that work on a revenue sharing model. The websites have clients or gamers that play video games on the site, which are live streamed. These gamers get paid for the time they put in to play games on the website. The pay model is based on views, which means more views would generate more money for the gamers.

Professional teams on the live streaming websites pay salaries to their gamers to play games, which are streamed live. Viewers watch live games being played and as the number of viewers to the streaming sites increase, so does the salary of the gamers. Therefore, playing video games online on the live streaming websites is surely the trend that is picking up. It gives the gamers not only an opportunity to play their favorite games, but also to earn money while playing them.
make money playing games

The trend of live streaming is slowly picking up on the internet and is said to be the phenomenon of future. With better video and camera technology, the trend is surely here to stay as quoted by the experts. The live streaming of video games being played is also being considered as a promotion gimmick by the creators of video games. The reason for this is that viewers have the ability to see the upcoming games and the way these are played, before actually buying them.

Make money with game testing:

Another of the ways by which kids and gamers can make money online is through beta game testing. Game testing involves testing new games that are yet to be released. The purpose of the beta game testing is to test whether the soon-to-be-released games are free of errors, glitches and bugs, or not.

The game testers evaluate the game and test for the sound quality and graphics of the game while also analyzing the joy quotient of the game. The idea is to ensure that the games are perfect before they are released for sale.

The concept of making money online through beta game testing works best for kids and teenagers that love playing games. Tom and Jerry Games 365, for example, is one of those games which are loved by most of the children. While being a game enthusiast and having time at hand to play games are not the only criteria to be eligible for being a beta tester, they surely are the major contributors.

An added advantage of being a game tester is that the gamers get to play the game before anyone else does. Things can certainly get monotonous sometime as gamers have to play the games repeatedly to phase out all errors. Nevertheless, this is a very small price that gaming enthusiasts are always ready to pay for being selected as beta game testers.

making money playing games

While on the one hand, these gamers are the first to play their favorite games, they are also earning money playing these games. What could be better than that for enthusiastic gamers?

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