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Five Effective Ways to Make Money On eBay

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top power ebay sellers secrets

This article describes how to make money on eBay by being a darn good seller.

There is no trick to selling on eBay, but you should know that it is a marketing platform of its own. You cannot apply the marketing principal of TV advertising, Newspaper advertising, shop front advertising, etc. You need to work out all of eBay’s advertising techniques, methods, principals, secrets. Some marketing principals will translate from other mediums, such as having a catchy title or a clear photo, but for the most part, you need to figure it out for yourself.

This article describes how to be a great seller with auctions. It does not cover “Buy it Now” or “Classifieds”.

 1 – Be human in your adverts

Applying the principals of traditional marketing is going to work in many cases, but items tend to sell better when the seller acknowledges that he or she is a human seller. Do not be unprofessional or use unprofessional language, but try to show that you have not copy/pasted you advert text. Try something such as giving your reason for selling such as, “Because my girlfriend says I can’t start a new hobby until I have sold the stuff from my last one”.


2 – Understand keywords and selling words

Your title needs to make sense but you also need to fit in a few words that your potential buyers will type in. For example, you are selling the DVD “X-Men 2” then your keywords will be X men, X-men, Two, 2, II, DVD, Movie. It is your job to fit them in the title text, e.g.

X-Men 2 DVD Movie, X Men II Sequel Number Two


3 – Upload a jaw dropping and fantastic photo

The photo is the biggest selling point you have. A fantastic photo is going to sell your item 100% more than any selling time, selling price or selling advert. A good photo will make people look at your item, and most times the first impression created by the photo is enough to make the sale. All you need to do is make sure you do not deter the buyer with your adverts text. If you have a great photo, then keep your advert to the honest facts–adding just enough to make the buyer comfortable with buying from you.


4 – Be honest about your items

It is an eBay rule, it is a matter of honor, it will stop you having comebacks, and it is the law. The distance selling rules apply to all First World countries, which means you cannot sell something and give a false impression of the goods. If you do then the buyer has the legal right to send the item back for a refund. If they pay via PayPal then PayPal will withdraw the amount out of your bank (whether you like it or not). Plus if you are honest about any damage or defects then people often trust you enough to buy from you. If you are brave enough to mention the faults or defects then people automatically assume you are being honest.

Take photos of the defects on your products, but do not put them as your primary picture. Your primary picture should be a fantastic one, but you can make yourself trustworthy by uploading photos of fault and defects/damage. This is because if you follow the rules and describe the damage then the reader’s imagination will always make the defect appear worse than it actually is–so you need to show them.


5 – Wait for the right time to sell

There are two sides to this, there is the time when your auction should end that will gain the most bidders, and there are times that will get you the highest bids.

You can gain more bidders by having your auctions end at certain times. Lots of people will tell you that the best time to end your auctions are between 7pm and 10pm because it is when people are home from work/school and before they go to bed. The people that tell you this do not have your best interests at heart. You need to work out when your buyer is most likely to buy. For example, did you know that most series box sets sell between 9pm and 2am? Childcare items sell throughout the day. Gardening items sell in spring, summer and fall, and most high priced garden items sell at either lunch or tea time.

You can gain more bids by timing your auctions in opposition to your competition. The most obvious way is to wait until the cheaper auctions finish so that you can charge more for your item. The other way you can do it is to make sure your auction ends a day after your biggest competitors does. The people who do not win your competitors auction will look for yours, and this time they will not play coy, they will bid heavy for fear of being outbid again.
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