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How To Find Products to Sell on eBay?

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sell on eBayThere are so many people selling something on eBay or on Amazon. Have you ever wondered how those eBay power sellers find the right products to sell on eBay? We all know one simple rule, that is to buy cheap and sell high to make profit. There are actually so many different ways for ecommerce owners to find the cheap and marketable products to sell online.

Sell Your Own Stuff on eBay

Check around your house, you may be surprised to find how many things you have never touched for many years, such as old clothing, old purses, kids toys and baby clothing, decorations that you have nowhere to display…

They are only dust-collectors in your house, sell them on eBay, you can not only earn some quick cash, but also it is the best way to start you eBay business with no risk at all.

Wholesalers and Distributors

There are plenty of wholesalers and distributors out there, some are niche wholesalers, some offer a broad array of products to sell. Many of these wholesalers and distributors don’t advertise online. An easy way to access a good list of wholesalers is to find a good network to join.

  1. Be a member of Salehoo, you can have a direct access to all the names and details of wholesalers and distributors. It also has other services such as building ecommece sites if you are serious about expanding your online business.
  2. For those who are interested in selling luxury goods such as Gucci, Valentino, Coach, or Chanel, e.g. on eBay, you can access the niche wholesalers list through Luxury Wholesale Online.

  3. Many people import goods from China and other cheap-labor countries, the number one place to access to these information is through Alibaba.

  4. WorldWideBrands is a membership site that offers millions of dropshipping products from all certified wholesalers, with a great reputation.

  5. There are many eBay power sellers utilize Wholesale Pages to access to thousands of wholesalers, dropshippers, distributors, manufacturers, importers, auctions and other relevant trade resources.

From Wholesale pages, you can also enjoy the deep discounts from many wholesalers and dropshippers, hand-picked special offers with over 500% markups. It has a regularly updated downloads section with latest trading guides, tips and strategies. You can even send a request to have its dedicated research team to find a special niche suppliers on your behalf.
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Yard Sales and Garage Sales

With an open mind and a sharp eye for discovery, you can find a lot of stuff that suitable for reselling on eBay. Set up a maximum price for each item, sometimes you need to take a bit of risk if you are not sure if the item is good enough for reselling. If they are very cheap, like 25 cents each, grab some appealing items without hesitation. You won’t lose much if it won’t sell, but you may gain a lot if you hit the jackpot.

Also, if you bought a lot from the same yard sale, ask for a discount. Many times the owners, who are more interested in getting rid of all the clatter, will be happy to give you a $5 or $10 discount on top of the good price.

Thrift Sales

Thrift stores mostly sell used goods, but sometimes they also sell new goods that have been donated to them with much better prices. When checking your local thrift stores, make sure to identify any defects of the goods and any traits of being used. The thrift stores have dedicated crew to clean up or fix the goods before putting them up for sale.

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Antiques are among those that sell faster and with a good price on eBay. There are many people dig out their antiques from their attics and post those listings on Craigslist for a quick cash. They often don’t do a lot of research on the items. There are potentials you can spot some treasure and resell them on eBay for rich profits.

Of course, there are a lot more other categories of goods you can purchase through Craigslist, such as oversized clothing, CDs, vintage books… Some people buy discounted gift cards from Craigslist and sell them on eBay. Make sure you check out the eBay specific rules about gift cards selling before you decide to go for it. Some scammers prey on innocent people, so beware!

dropshipping lifestyle-sell on ebay

Liquidators and Auctions

ebid is operating in many countries. Take ebid USA for example, there are currently over 3 millions of auctions on the site that includes over 13,000 categories. Since the listing on ebid is free for standard membership, you may be able to find great deals that nowhere to spot.

There are several penny auction sites that provide up to 90% discount off retail price for branded new goods and items, such as Happy BidDay.



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