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Why Facebook Storefront is Necessary for a Retailer?

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A Facebook storefront can generate significant traffic to a retailers e-commerce site. Some retailers are getting more than 5% of their visitors traffic coming directly from their Facebook storefront.

Facebook storefront has already generated billions of dollars of F-commerce transactions resulting in its social plugins and Open Graph API. One of the great success examples is the the launch of Heinz ‘Get Well’ Soup cans: There are over two thousand sales within the four weeks; one sale every eight fans; and a whopping 200% increase in Facebook “likes”.

Many successful Facebook storefront stories tell us that one big reason for many people to become fans of a brand on Facebook is to be able to have special offers or discounts. These incentives that a retailer offers through its Facebook storefront can keep their Facebook fan community happy and attract more potential costumers.

Shopping is a social activity. Most people like to hear others opinions before hit the buy button. A Facebook storefront, as a great social commerce platform, encourages people to share their opinions, showing off their bargain deals…People like to value others shopping advice and easy to follow suit when they found out a proven bargain.

To open a Facebook Storefront is not simply to duplicate an existing eCommerce store to Facebook. A retailer should provide the merchants with engagement tools and offer added value to the social shopping experience. such as exclusive deals, coupons and discounts for Facebook fans.
facebook storefront app
How to make a Facebook storefront a memorable shopping experience for those fans? It takes commitment to creativity. One most important task to do is to make it “likable”, as Heinz Did. It is a necessity to make good use of those emerging technology to support a fully functioning F-commerce as well.

How to open a Facebook Storefront in 5 minutes?

facebook traffic
With the help of Ecwid, to open a Facebook Storefront is like a breeze. Ecwid, short for “e-commerce widgets”, is a popular shopping cart that seamlessly integrates with your existing website and your social media platforms such as Facebook. Surprisingly, Ecwid is totally FREE, it is free to setup and doesn’t charge any transaction fees, this makes it a no-brainer solution for millions of e-commerce owners.

To open your Facebook Storefront with Ecwid, you simply need to first open a free Ecwid account, then insert a few lines of code to your Facebook profile page, your Facebook store will immediately shows up. Customers will enjoy the convenience of checking out securely right from Facebook page, without being redirected elsewhere. Ecwid can complete all transactions securely and hassle-free.

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