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9 Ecommerce Tips to Keep up with Competition

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ecommerce tipsDue to the upsurge of mobile users and increased internet usage, the e-commerce industry is as lively as ever. E-commerce is not just a trend of creating websites to acquire revenue. E-commerce has affected the industry and has revolutionized the world of business.

If in the past, only traditional media has helped bolster the market and promote businesses. Nowadays, people have seen the power of new – online – media.

The internet has been proven effective in reaching a wider audience. In just a short span of time, you can disseminate information with just a click of a button, or a swipe from your mobile device.

Because of the progressive growth of internet usage and the continuous upswing of e-commerce websites, how can entrepreneurs—like yourself—keep up with competition? Here are nine ecommerce tips to guide you:

1. Creating mobile-optimized website

Did you know that the average age of mobile phone owners is as young as 13 years old? In 2013, based on the infographic from Digital Buzz Blog, the recorded statistics for the rate of mobile users around the world reached 56%. Because of these statistics, smart e-commerce business owners can take advantage of creating mobile-optimized websites.

The convenience of having a smartphone allows anyone to easily connect to the internet. Using mobile devices, customers can instantly search for e-commerce websites and find what they need.

2. Create user-friendly interfaces

It’s not enough that you have a website as the platform for your business. You also need to know how to retain more visitors. Websites with complicated interfaces create negative impressions on their visitors.

You also need to focus on mobile and design your website accordingly. Since mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are what most users utilize when browsing e-commerce websites, the best solution is to create responsive webpages.

When tweaking the design of your site, make sure that you lessen content sliders and provide larger navigation buttons and links. You can also try to learn from other website’s site hierarchies and optimize the number and positions of your clickable links, so that it would be easier for shoppers to navigate through your website.

3. Tweak your design based on your customers’ demographics

Bear in mind that there are different mobile interfaces used by customers; there’s Apple iOS, Blackberry User Interface (UI), Androids, Windows and more. You may base the design of your website on the demographics of your shoppers.

Once You Know, You Newegg

  • In what age bracket will they be categorized?
  • What’s the dominant gender; female or male?

These and other factors should be taken into consideration when tweaking design.

4. Include free shipping

Customers are enticed every time they see the word “FREE.” Despite the fact that most things free are originally not very expensive anyway, the offer simply catches the attention of customers. In order to keep up with competition, entrepreneurs should find a way to catch their customer’s attention and persuade them to purchase using their website. Offering free shipping for the items they paid for can be an effective solution.

5. Add more e-payments options

While you may already have an e-payment option in place, finding more e-payment methods is advantageous. Aside from credit cards, include third party payment options like universal payment systems or “mobile wallets.” You may also include bank deposits and remittances. More e-payment options means more convenience, which in turn leads to more income.

6.  Take note that content marketing still continues to grow

Content marketing isn’t new. Up to this time, it is considered as the most effective and cost-efficient marketing trend. Content marketing remains one of the major methods companies use to gain consumer trust and establish authority. Even 82% of marketers plan to increase their budgets for content marketing in this year, as a study shows. So what are your content marketing plans?

7. Do not overlook factors that make your products stand out from the rest

E-commerce websites that offer quirky and creative items sell well over the internet. This is because consumers search for original and unique products online.

E-commerce websites are ideal for entrepreneurs that offer modified or customized products. Personalization and uniqueness can be an X-factor you can leverage against competition.

8.   Flaunt your badges, membership, or certifications to show credibility

Due to the number of e-commerce websites available in the market, fraudsters and scammers abound. More and more online shoppers become hesitant or feel worried about the legitimacy of most sites they find online.

As the owner of an e-commerce website, you should think of ways to show your website’s legitimacy. If you’re a member of the Better Business Bureau, you may post your badge or grade on the website. The same goes for other memberships, badges, and certifications you can showcase.

9.   Branding can help make your shoppers notice your products

One of the important things to consider when starting up a business is to build a strong brand. You may have a wide variety of products, but if your brand is unknown or untrusted, you will not succeed.

The key to a successful e-commerce business is to provide a memorable shopping experience to your customers. The ecommerce tips mentioned above will help you create better sales opportunities and produce more positive outcome for your business.


Gilbert Bermudez is a regular contributor for CompareHero, a Malaysian consumer based comparison portal. You can find his activity on his Google+


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