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How To Earn More From Paid Surveys

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paid surveysOne of the online jobs that almost anyone can apply for is to take paid surveys. Businesses big or small need consumers’ opinions to base their decisions on to start new products lines.  They all have their market research budgets set aside to gain these much-needed inputs from their customers.  Market research firms, on the other hand, is the link to connect consumers with business organizations. These firms will pay you for offering honest opinions to products and services. Everyone is a consumer for some products, this is why everyone should be able to qualify for some sorts of paid surveys.


However, except some geographic restrictions, some survey takers found that it is frustrating to be disqualified for paid surveys after a few screening questions. This article is aimed to offer some good tips to help these people to qualify for more paid surveys.

Registering with many sites offering paid surveys

Survey takers all understand the benefit of registering with as many survey sites as possible. You don’t need to pay a penny to finish your registration. The legitimate paid survey sites are free to join and easy to registering. Each survey site has its own business clients. Registering with more survey sites will get you more opportunities to receive different survey invitations.  Check out our best recommended sites for quality paid surveys. Paid surveys are often overlapped with paid emails, so register with my best 3 get paid to read emails sites too.

Take time to complete your profiles

One question many survey takers ask is, why some people gets a lot of paid surveys in their inbox, while others get only a few a month. What makes some people so lucky? Survey invitations are sent out to a selected group of participants depending on many different factors, such as age, location, gender, number of children and their ages, your occupation and educational background, your financial brackets, etc.  You will receive your survey invitations only when the surveys are meant to match your profile. Therefore, after your registration, you should take time to complete your profiles. The more detailed information you provide to the market researchers, the more targeted paid surveys you can get into your inbox. 

A completed profile also help you to save time in the future. You don’t want to receive survey invitations that you are deemed to disqualify if all your information are provided upfront.  It is a waste of your own time.  Although some good sites will pay you a small amount just to compensate your time, it is not the major income stream you anticipate from paid surveys.

Complete your paid surveys in time

If you don’t take the paid surveys, others will. So respond to your survey invitations promptly. Some surveys require more time to complete, but the payout is good too. So don’t get distracted when you are working on these surveys. Take paid surveys as a serious business. Set up a time limit to get your surveys done.

Are you a man or a woman?

Most survey participants are women. Men’s opinions are much more needed. So a good tip is to ask your husband/boyfriend to sign up all these paid survey sites to get more quality survey invitations.

Teenagers are welcome!

Meanwhile, teenagers’ opinions are much needed. If you allow your teens to take surveys, they may have more opportunities to get paid well for their opinions on teen products, game products and internet activities. You can even ask your teens to do online search through Swagbucks. It is powered by Google search, the difference is that using Swagbucks search will earn you money.

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Parents are best candidates

If you are a parent yourself, you are a good candidate for taking paid surveys. Companies want to know how much you would spend on food, clothing, entertainment, activities for your children. They need your opinions to decide what product should hit the market at what time with what price tag. As a parent, you can say what you feel to say about a survey honestly, and get paid well for your valuable inputs.

Take paid surveys seriously

Remember, to finish each survey truthfully and patiently. Some big surveys may take you a good 45 minutes to complete. If you rush to finish it within an unreasonably short period of time, your opinions will look untrustworthy and this may disqualify you from receiving more survey invitations in the future. A rule of thumb, usually the more you spend time on a survey, the more money you can earn.

Also, being honest with your answers is very important. The more consistent you are with your answers, the more likely you can earn good money from paid surveys in the long run. Don’t risk to get your accounts terminated by lying on your surveys.

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