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Create eBay Listings that Sell

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Be your own boss - Learn how to gain true financial freedom

Be your own boss – Learn how to gain true financial freedom

Selling on eBay could be a path to your financial freedom, and who doesn’t want to escape a boring nine to five job. However, as an eBay seller, it is important to understand how to create eBay listings that sell.

When a potential buyer search products on eBay, they see a bunch of similar listings that compete for their attention. As an eBay seller, your eBay listings should have certain characteristics that make them stand out. There are three main aspects you should think of when you create your eBay listings that sell.

eBay Listings – Headline

The headline, which is also known as product title, is the first thing your potential customers see before they click on any listings.
So the first thing to do is to describe your product as much as you can in the headline. The more descriptive the better; the more informative, the better. This way your listing is more likely to attract potential customers eyeballs.

  1. Add a few words of your products’ special features, sizes etc to differentiate your listings from your competitors.
  2. Add gender specification if it’s applicable.
  3. Use descriptive words such as “Best”, “Unique”, “Rare” etc. These words seem to gain more traffic.
  4. Spend time thinking what makes your product unique, and make sure to mention these uniqueness in your headline.

eBay Listings – Description

The next step is to write a good listing description. If customers see your listing headline and are interested enough to click on it, they will come to the description part of your listing.

A good listing description is to speak in your customers’ language. So instead of talking about how great your product is, you should elaborate on how your product can benefit your customers.

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A good listing description is to clearly tell potential customers what are the unique aspects of your product. This uniqueness has been mentioned in your headline, and here in the description, you should focus on dispalying the details of the unique features.

A good listing description should also clarify the “easy return” policy. No one wants to take on a big risk when they do online shopping, an easy return policy such as,
If the customers are not satisfied with the products, they can always get refunds.
will help potential customers feel easy to proceed with the purchasing process.

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eBay Listing – Price

eBay is an auction marketplace that makes customers very sensitive to prices. After your eye-catching headlines and descriptions, customers make their final buying decisions mainly based on the product prices.

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I suggest to include “free shipping“, this will make your eBay listings more attractive than those listings that charge extra shipping costs. Even though the total costs may be the same, including your shipping cost in your product price and offering “free shipping” will make your listing looks better.

The key focus is to make your price competitive. You should spend time looking around your competitors listings. If there are any listings offering the similar products with lower prices, you should match your price.

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