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Create Membership Site Using WordPress and Wishlist Member Plugin

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make money online with membership siteA membership site is different from a normal website where all contents are accessible to anyone. A membership site creates a wall around its content, so that viewers have to either register or pay first before access.

A membership site is a very useful solution

  1. when you have sensitive content and would like to protect them and only allow certain group of audience to access;
  2. when you wish to collect email address for email marketing;
  3. or when a fee is charged for accessing your valuable content, therefore you can create passive income from you blog.

If you have an existing WordPress blog,  you can turn it into a paid membership site and turn business blogging into profits, enjoy recurring passive income month after month.

So how to create a membership site out of your WordPress blog?

It’s actually very easy to achieve. Thanks to the one plugin, you can smoothly convert your existing WordPress blog into a profitable membership site, or a mixture of paid and free content, as well as having content that has restricted access for profits.

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WishList Member is paid membership site plugin that’s packed with great features. It gives you a very high level of control over your membership site. You can decide the structure and functions of your site, which parts of your content to be protected; you can also decide how a user can register for the content and how to be granted the access.

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Easy to setup a membership site

The installation of the Wishlist member plugin is very easy. Just like many WordPress plugins, you simply need to upload it and activate it.

With all the valuable features it offers, the setup of the plugin is quite easy. You can get your membership site up and running in a matter of minutes. You can then take time getting to know more about other advanced features the plugin can offer. The admin interface is seamlessly integrated with WordPress control panel and easy to navigate.

Unlike other membership site solutions that ask you to move your existing content to a new domain and ip address, Wishlist member plugin allows you to start your membership site using the same domain and the same IP address, this saves you a lot of hassles when transferring all the content to a new address and regaining the SEO status with Google and other search engines.

Multiple membership tiers

Your membership site can have unlimited membership levels and groups, such as free, trial or paid membership sections and different membership levels — bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels, etc. This is an example of a hierarchical structure, but you could just as well create membership groups, e.g. red, blue and orange groups, with each have access to its own unique protected content.

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Fully control of your content

You can choose to protect all or any part of your site content with “hide button”, you can also prevent content from being viewed by the specific membership levels of your choice.

For a new user to your content, sometimes the full fledged content can be overwhelming at the beginning, so a better approach is to deliver your useful content in a sequential manner. This plugin allows you to release content in a controlled ordered manner. For example, after 7 days of introduction, Module 1 is released, then two weeks later, Module 2 is followed…

You can also display partial content as a teaser, to show only what you want to be viewed in a post, prompting the user to register for full access. This gives you a good control of offering multi-tiers membership.

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Automated member registration

To allow a membership site to scale-up in the future and meantime manageable, the member registration process must be automated. WishList Member plugin makes this automation possible.

With WishList Member plugin, users can self-register to the content and make a payment when required. They can also self-select the level of membership or the group they choose to sign up.

As the registration process is totally hands off, once setup, new users can sign up and gain access to the content without any involvement on your part. Imagine when you sell access to premium content in your membership site, this plugin can effectively generate a passive income for you from your WordPress site.

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Key to the success of membership site

The success of a membership site will largely come down to the two things — the quality content it offers as well as its effective marketing efforts. After these two things have been taken care of, WishList Member plugin plays an important role to ensure the management of your membership site is easy and largely hands off.

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