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Content Marketing for E-Commerce | How to Write Content that Sells

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content marketing for ecommerce

How to write content that sells?

Along with the Internet’s democratization, many aspects of the trading world have moved online during the last decades. We can now purchase the products of our dreams via the Internet and have them delivered straight to our doorstep from the other end of the world.

Moreover, as manufacturers and traders, we have cost effective methods to reach markets we could not have even dream about in the past. Just build a website; upload your products’ pictures; write a few words and here you are!

Wait… it’s not that simple, you might have already jumped up.

And you are absolutely right!

You cannot put a few words there and that’s it.

No matter what kind of products or services you are planning to promote, if you are serious about e-commerce you have to learn how to write content that sells.
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“Words are loaded pistols” said Jean Paul Sartre. Use them to shoot the target!

Writing e-sales copy is an art – that of persuasion, of turning a website visitor into a customer.

How do you do that? First of all, identify your customers. Then, learn everything there is to learn about their mindset. Only after that write your sales copy.

Now let’s dive into some content marketing golden rules for e-commerce. The important question is how to write a copy that sells? Well, there is no recipe for success and no mystery here. The secret lies in the customer’s mindset. Here are what I have discovered on the task, during last years I spent crafting selling copies for different clients:

Content marketing Rule #1 — It’s not about you!

It’s not about you. This is the very first thing you should have in mind when writing sales copy.

It’s all about the customers, never about you and your products. Yes, describe the products in as many details as you can, but not from your point of view.

Take an example, if you are trying to sell an anti-aging cream? Tell the potential customers how young she/he will look after using it.

If you are providing photographing advice to photographers, explain to them why Canon PowerShot SX510 HS is the best digital camera option for them in your opinion, what unique and superior features they can expect from using this camara for shooting photos.
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Content Marketing Rule #2 — Anticipate questions

Although it is rapidly expanding, the e-commerce world is still facing a few issues in point of clients’ trust. Their number is decreasing constantly, but there are still some people out there who would rather go to a brick and mortar shop to see the product with their own eyes, touch and feel it.

If used appropriately, your words can help customers’overcome their digital fears. Anticipate any questions a potential buyer might address a shop assistant when he/she was to purchase the product in an offline store! Write a Q&A page, include all the answers in your sales copy, and you have certainly scored a point here.

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Content Markketing Rule #3 — Use hot sales words, but sparingly

Yes, your product is the best. Your service is the most professional. However, don’t forget that everybody can say that. Have you explained why? If not, go back to your product presentation and say it clearly.

Content Marketing Rule #4 — Reassure the customers

The after sales part is another delicate issue in the e-commerce world. If you want to write content that sells, you will have to address this part, too. Tell the client what will happen if he/she is not satisfied with the purchased product or with the service you provided. What’s your return policy? Which are the costs?
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Content Marketing Rule #5 — Waltz with the customer

The art of selling is a dance. It is all about anticipating the other’s next move and planning yours accordingly. Dance with your potential clients! Try to influence them. Tell them what their needs are. If you know their mindset, you will know how to convince them.

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Content Marketing Rule #6 — Call for action

This is another essential part many e-commerce sites webmasters ignore. Well, you described your product/service nicely. Now tell your website visitor what to do. Invite them to buy the product. Ask them to try the service. Don’t take this part for granted as you might have the surprise of having potential customers fleeing your website and going to the competition.

Content Marketing Rule #7 — Write short, but catchy headlines

Now that you have the content ready, go back and write the headline. It doesn’t have to be long, but it certainly has to be appealing. Think again about your customer. Which words would make him/her click on the respective title when getting it in the search results page?


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