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Content Curation for Content Marketing

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content curationContent marketing is a key strategy for most internet marketers. Content marketers publish interesting content to get organic search engine traffic, rank their websites higher and make profits from the traffic.

Among content marketers,  there is a unique group called content curators. Content curators publish curated content on their websites.

Content Curation is very similar to curating artworks. Instead of collecting and organizing pieces of arts, content curation is to researching, collecting and publishing useful content you find from over the internet, including news, photos, videos, blog posts, infographics and any other formats for medias that you deem to be beneficial to readers.

The phenomenon of content curation is getting more popularity on the internet, because it has a lot of benefits over traditional content marketing.

Content Curation Saves Time and Energy

There is a common fact among many content marketers:

it is time -consuming, costly and challenging to create daily sufficient new content for a website, but Google loves websites with constant new updates. So how do you create the stories, videos, and blog posts that cultivate fans, arouse passion for your products or services, and ignite your business? -“Content Rules” provide some honest answers.

The art of content curation can help content marketers to be much more productive, create a lot more content with more keywords targeted, in a much less time.

Content curators can follow the news and authority experts in their niche and report on the best news and thoughts they find on the web. This way they can legally use others’ writings, photos, videos, etc, and add their own two cents on a topic, without the hard work of writing 100% original content from the scratch all the time. It is a time-saving, energy-saving content marketing.
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In fact, there are many content curators who can publish a steady stream of new updates, curated from the web, but interesting to their readers,  in less than 30 minutes a day.

Higher Ranking in Shorter Time

Building a lot of good content is the foundation to attract more organic traffic in a long run. Curated content can stuff a website in a much less time, comparing with the normal content marketing.

Not only this, since the content are curated from different sources, tons of different keywords are included inside the content, bringing in traffic from different aspects.  This helps the curated website to score a lot more diversified keywords rankings.
Content Curation made easy

Build up more backlinks from quality sites

A proper way to curate content is to credit the source with a link back to it. Each time you link to a website, (you may need help from some software such as CurationSoft, it will generate a pingback. If the website approved your pingback, then you website will have a backlink from that site.

There are many tedious ways to build backlinks for your website, but this is one that works easily: just link to a website if it has a good article or video to use for your curated content.

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Grow Your Mailing List

Although content curators spend less time in creating original content, but successful content curators  have skills to filter through all the noises and find the gem to present to their users. If you have great content to satisfy the users, even it is curated from the web, you can still build a healthy mailing list.

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Also, when you can post frequently using curated content, your content can get more social signals such as likes, retweets, and Google+,  you have therefore more chances to go viral on social networks, which will again send you more email subscribers.

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Curated Content Can Make You An Authority

Content curation can be posted frequently with less legwork, this makes sure that your site is always updated with the latest news, and consequently increases your credibility as a leader.

Content curation is to research, collect and add value to the world-class content to present them to your readers. By doing this with care and focus to quality, you can gain authority status in the field.

By often linking to authority sites, your site plays its own social role in the online community. This can help you engage deeply with thought-leaders, commentators, and audience in general. This also help to establish you and your brand as an industry leader.

Curated Content Can Make You Money

It is the same as making money with any popular websites. A great curated website is able to provide valuable and interesting content for readers to enjoy, to interact with fans and followers,  to promote brands, services and products. You can make profit from your curated website by all means.
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The Proper Ways of Content Curation

Always add values. Content curation is not just reposting others’ articles, videos or photos. You can add values to it by commenting on it, telling your readers why you choose this piece of info to present to them, or adding more content to it.

Always credit original source. Link back to the original content is not just for getting backlinks for your website, it is a courtesy to the author and the ethical way to behave as a content curator.

Don’t copy the whole articles. You may violate the copyright. When you use photos or images, make sure you have the proper licences to use.

If you are interested in knowing how curation software can save you more time and effort and protect you from copyright issues, you can check out the details and download it for free.

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