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Build Your Email Mailing List | 8 No-Nonsense Ideas

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mailing listEmail marketing, being the most cost effective online marketing technology, constantly helps online retailers and internet marketers to reach out and build trust among customers, improve their brands awareness, and ultimately help them sell more goods and services online.

A healthy email mailing list is the foundation for any successful email marketing.  If you own a huge list of qualified email subscribers who are interested in what you have to offer, you have a “goldmine” already. Much of your sales revenue can be generated solely through your mailing list.

Now let’s find out the top 8 ideas of quickly building an email mailing list, that can help you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns.

Content is King:

It is smart to put an email subscribing box on your website from the very first day. Then, how to attract users to fill up the subscribing form? It is the quality content on your website that helps them to make the decision.

Always and  Only create useful and entertaining content on your website. When users had an exciting experience on your site, they would love to stay connected with your future content by subscribing to your mailing list. “Content is king” is the groundwork to get you a lot of loyal subscribers.

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Subscription Forms Throughout the Medias:

We all know adding a subscription form onto your site is a must for building up your “goldmine”. Make sure the form is professionally designed, without clutters, sitting on a prominent place on your website.

You can also add more forms onto different locations on your site to help readers subscribe to your mailing list easily. However, to maximize the results,  remember to add your subscription forms throughout your social media platforms. With the ballooning population of social media, your opportunity of getting more subscribers to your mailing list is multiplied.
facebook apps

Less is More:

When people fill out mailing list opt-in form, the more you ask, the less reaction you can get. In this situation, less is more. You may want to know a lot about your subscribers, but don’t ask too many questions on your subscription form.

A name and an email address is suffice for most cases. Don’t ask anything unnecessary, such as date of birth, career, address or phone number…etc. Don’t turn your email subscription form into a survey.

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Give Free Bonus For Signing Up:

Everyone loves free goodies, especially if the goodies are what they really wanted. If you know what your audience want from your content, make it an ebook with some juicy topics, and give it out to your opt-in subscribers for free.

You can give out a free ebook, a free video course, or a piece of free software.

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You have several options to create them:

  1. If you can make one by yourself and you have time to spend for that, then go for it.
  2. You can also go to crowdsourcing websites, post your project and let freelancers to bid for your job. Some recommended websites are,,, …..
  3. Another cost-effective way is to buy some PLR (private label rights) products and give them out for free.

wordpress email subscriber plugin for better email marketing
For example, I found out a fire sale of $10 for 100 ebooks with Master Resale Rights, which means you can sell them individually and keep all the profits, or give them out to your subscribers to build your mailing list.

Imagine: if you tell your subscribers that you will give out 100 free ebooks in your newsletters, blending them with hundreds of other promoting emails, how quickly can you get your mailing list ready for big sales?

If your niche is not related to the ebooks above, there is another PLR site that’s worth mentioning. You can purchase a private label right product and give it out for free, (or repeatedly sell it and collect all the profits.) Check out this largest PLR marketplace below:

private lable rights PLR - give out free gift for building mailing list

You can choose to give out free stuff that your subscribers need throughout the year. This is good for building and reinforcing a loyal mailing list, to ultimately get them glued to your services and products for more sales.

Send out Newsletters Regularly:

Sending out regular newsletters to your subscribers is very productive to build trust with your customers. You can establish yourself as an authority of your niche through newsletters, either you are a party organizer or an SEO expert. You can send out your newsletters every week, bi-weekly, or monthly. Using your newsletter as an opportunity to reinforce your brand and strengthen the tie with your customers.

You can provide samples of newsletters on your website to encourage visitors to check out them. If they found what they need in your samples, they might be very motivated to sign up your mailing list.

If you use Feedburners for email mailing list, you probably can’t set up newsletter schedules automatically. But if you upgrade your email marketing software to Get Response, iContact, Constant Contact or the most used Aweber, you can easily set up your automated newsletters, have them sent out to subscribers accordingly.

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Make it Easy to Share:

If your subscribers find your content interesting, amusing or informative, they’ll probably share it with their friends. Make it easy for your subscribers to share through their networks. Word of mouth is the powerful technique that could help go viral. Ask your subscribers to pass your newsletters and other promotions on to their friends. Their fans, friends and followers could be a new stream of your loyal subscribers.
get more email subscribers

Create a squeeze page:

A squeeze page is like a mini sales page, and it is created only for one purpose – that is to encourage opt-ins and get more subscribers.

Your squeeze page should contain an attractive headline with a list of juicy bonuses and benefits that are hard to refuse. Also, it will inspire more people jump into action if you could add some testimonials from satisfied customers onto the squeeze page, with their real names, photos, locations and URLs if possible.

The testimonials can be in plain text, video, or audio format. The more favorable testimonials the better, so why not invite other customers to join by adding a note on your squeeze page. Many of them will be happy to provide you a testimonial and get a free publicity for their business.

There are software that could help to easily create eye-catching squeeze pages:

landing page plugin for wordpress

How to use squeeze pages to build your email mailing list? After you’ve created a squeeze page, you can now spend some time find targeted keywords using Google Keyword Planner, WordTracker or other keyword tools, and promote your squeeze page using PPC campaigns with Google, Yahoo or MSN. You can also promote your squeeze page on social medias or free ads websites such as Craiglist.

Guest blogging on other websites

The more exposure you get for your squeeze pages or websites, the more potential subscribers you can enlist onto your mailing list. So not only to create useful content on your own website, but also allocate some time to do guest blogging on relevant and popular niche websites. Usually with a submission of a free guest post, you can have dofollow links back to your site/squeeze page, these backlinks will benefit you in two ways, firstly to help your page rank higher on Google search result, secondly to get you more subscribers from other websites.


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