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Blogging Tips On Retaining Readers

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blogging tips

Are you looking for some blogging tips on how to retain your readers?  Read on to find out what I believe that works.

Repeat visits are the life-force of your blog. The new visitors are often few and far between, and many times they will not get past the title of your first blog post. The thing that keeps your blog ticking over is the number of repeat visitors that you get. They are what make up the largest part of your viewership, and they are the ones who are most likely to sign up to your newsletter, link to your blog, or share parts of your blog on social media. So you need to take serious stock of how you are retaining these valuable readers, as they are also the ones that are most likely to click your affiliate advertisements.

Below I am offering some of my personal blogging tips on how to retain readers of your blog.

Engage your readers or “Talk with” them

This is very important, and is the difference between a blogger and a content provider. Do your friends and family recoil when you ask them to read your blog posts? Or do they ask you when the next one is coming out? Do you get more spam on your comment messages than you do genuine comments? Do people write and reply to each other on your comments, or are most of your comments just one-off comments?

Giving information is what an encyclopedia does. This is okay if you are a blogger, because some blogs can be very informative, but it does limit your blog’s true potential. For example, if your blog posts are just dispensing information, then even your regular viewers will not read all of your blogs, they will just read the ones that apply to them.

If you engage your reader, then he or she will read your blog posts, even if the post does not apply to them. They won’t read it for the information; they will read it to find out your take on the subject, or to find your opinion on it, or how you approached it, or how you expressed it. There are game reviewers out there who give such good game reviews, that even hardcore role playing gamers (a shout out to the Final Fantasy and WoW lovers out there) will read game reviews about first person shooters and football games.

Target your readers only not everyone else

Keeping readers means that you appeal to a certain number of people. This also means that you put-off the rest of the world (or at least fail to grab their interest). You have to target the people who are going to read your blog posts, because you cannot try to please everyone and expect any success.

Does your blog have a style or could it be interchanged with any writer?

Having a blogging style is what stops your blog from becoming a content-mill or pseudo-encyclopedia. People may read your blog post for its information, but if you also have a very specific style then people will keep coming back. You need to create a style that people are going to recognize as you.

Have you actually researched your post or is it off the top of your head?

Most of what you write off of the top of your head is going to sound plausible (after all, it does to you), but every time you to it, you lose the readers who know you are not being accurate. Spread this process over a long period of time, and you have the capacity to lose every reader you ever had (that is, in a hypothetical situation whereby you receive no new readers to replace the lost ones).

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Write for your readers not for the search engines

Writing for the search engines is a very silly thing to do these days. You need to write your blog posts for the reader, but stand safe in the knowledge that Google keeps updating itself to rank user friendly text higher.

Always proofread your text

The non-proofread blog posts stick out like a sore thumb on a man with one hand. At the very least, run a spellchecker over your blog. It is better if you proofread your text and check it for constancy too. If you read your blog post through then you will also catch any typos.

Use a scheduling tool for posting

A scheduling tool can post your blog posts on a regular basis. That way people know when to search for your new blog posts again. It also offers a routine consistency that Google is very fond of. You may also write lots of blog posts in one week, and then take the next few weeks off whilst your scheduling tool does all of the posting for you.

So, are you with me on these blogging tips for retaining readers?  I would like to hear from you at the comment below.


Kate Funk is an expert in teaching Finances and Marketing courses at Tutorsville . She coaches individuals in SEO and business networking skills.


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