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10 Best Ways to Make Money Online

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Are you looking for best ways to make money online, at the comfort of your home?  Well, don’t we all think so?  In today’s economy, when almost everyone has started to feel the strain on their pockets, it has become a necessity to make extra cash, and the best way is to make money online, which give you the luxury of freedom, flexibility and the possibily to scale up. All it takes is knowledge, patience, handwork and creativity.

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Let’s now look at some best ways to make money online and see if you could find any of them suit your need.

1.       Writing for money:

If you thinkmake money online writing jobs

  • you can produce well-written articles that are unique, personal and informative; and
  • you can deliver them in a timely fashion upon request;

then you might have found hundreds of online writing jobs waiting for you. You need to sign up with online clients and look for writing jobs that interest you. You can easily find freelance jobs onine&nbsp such as, Freelance or Elance, to name a few, and start to make money from your writing skill.

You can also open an account with Squidoo or hubpage and start writing topics that interest you. Both sites have their own revenue sharing policy in place. If you also know some tricks of marketing your articles, you have a good chance of making some money with your articles.



2.       Sell Crafts and Collectibles:

Are you an artistic and handy person blessed with the talent of drawing, painting, weaving  or knitting? Open an account with, and start to build your own stores to sell your hand-made crafts . May artists promote their handmade crafts through eBay auctions, or write guest posts to bring in more traffic to their ecommerce sites. Pinterest is also a great place to promote your visually pleasant crafts.

3.       Sell your photos online:

With the advent of Instagram, more and more take photos of their daily life and post them online. Out of many ways to make money through Instagram, one of them is to sell those beautiful scenery photos, event photos, pet photos, dinning photos…. as a profitable online business.

10 best ways to make money-photography

‘…an ideal book to take a look at if you are thinking of becoming a professional photographer earning money from your work’ Buy Now From Amazon

There are many options to sell photos online.Photocrati is an easy to install WordPress theme that can allow you to turn your WordPress site into an eCommerce site selling your own photos. You have several options to customize your site. You do need to have your own WordPress website, but it is very cheap to own a website now. With a few bucks a month, you can purchase a domain with godaddy and have it hosted with Bluehost or Hostgator. With your own website running to sell your own photo stocks, you don’t need to pay for monthly membership fees that most photo selling sites require.  It should save you in the long run.

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4.       Get hired for almost any skills you have:

You can earn $5 for whatever services you would like to offer on, you can be very creative in offering what to do. Some people offer juggling the knives, or doing a crazy dance for $5.

5.       Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing has become one of the best ways to make money online. You can register with some renowned affiliate networks, and find products you like to promote. Some affiliate networks require you to have your own website first before registering with them. Others allow you to promote your affiliate products through social medias or PPC campaigns.

If you have some great products you like to use yourself, find if it has an affiliate program. Register with the program and start to introduce to the crowd why you like it, what best features the product can offer, build your affiliate links into the reviews.  When others buy the products through your affiliate links, you get paid a percentage of the sale.

Don’t promote anything you haven’t used before, especially health-related products like weight loss pills. Write genuine reviews to gain loyal followers or readership.


7.      Be a virtual assistant:

Many small business love to hire virtual assistant to save their budget and get jobs done professionally. If you have impressive communication skills and command over English language, then you can become a great virtual assistant. You will be paid by the hours or by the amount of work. Your job might include to book tickets, send emails, arrange meetings and manage social accounts.

8.       Test or develop mobile apps

If you have good programming and computing skills, the best way to make money online would be to test or develop mobile apps. Although not everyone can successfully develop new apps, the alternative approach to this field would be to spot any bugs or defects in the app and report it to the company. It would be great if you could find a solution to the bug as well!

9.       Design T-Shirts

This is another creative way to make money online. If you think you are the best person to bring a new and exciting range of T-Shirts to the market, then don’t hesitate to give it a shot. You can upload designs to some of the famous online stores or contact distributors to sell your T-Shirts.  CafePress and Zazzle are two places where you can jump start your design business.
Check out this best selling t-shirt digital press machine on amazon:
Best Ways to Make Money Online - T-Shirt Design

10.   Write an e-book

Not everyone can write, but if you passionately believe that you are bestowed with the talent of phrasing together a good collection of words then you can think of releasing an E-Book. Write about something the public would be interested in. Write about best ways to make money online, for example! If you think your life is worthy of getting transformed into a book, then why not immortalize yourself and earn money doing the same?

Making money online need not be a task; you can actually have a blast doing it. These were some of the most popular ways of going about it. If you do have some creative ideas, try it. Who knows, you might be the next online millionaire!



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