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5 Ways For An Amazon Seller to Grow e-Commerce Business

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Amazon is currently the Internet’s biggest storefront, serving 137 million customers a week. As an amazon seller, it’s important that you take advantage of the opportunities that Amazon offers. Amazon allows their amazon sellers to tap into a huge customer base, sell more of their products and even develop a presence on the site with their own channels.

Here are 5 ways you can grow your e-Commerce business using Amazon as an Amazon seller:

Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon has a fairly new program that works just like pay per click advertising. You can place product ads on Amazon’s site. When a user searches for products related to yours, your ads can be listed in the product search listing results or in the sidebar. They can also show up in the “related products” section in the bottom of a product page.

Display Ads

You can also run display ads on Amazon. This is a great option for big advertisers that want to get as much exposure as possible. Ads can be served on the home page, detail page, offer listings page, thank you page or even sitewide. There are a large number of ad size formats from leaderboards, skyscrapers, marquees, to banners.

Amazon Local

Amazon has decided to follow in the footsteps of Groupon and Living Social. Local businesses can use Amazon to offer discounts and deals to customers in their local area. It works like other popular local deal sites where customers can buy coupons and partake in special offers. The great thing about Amazon Local is that it is very affordable. Rather than paying a flat fee to advertise on this platform, you only pay for how many customers were referred to you.

Amazon Daily Deals

You can also feature your product on Amazon’s Daily Deals section. Amazon displays limited time deals in their Gold Box section, one day coupons, digital deals, as well as Kindle deals. Discounted products are offered for a short time or in limited quantities. This is a great way for many e-Commerce site owners to sell products lower than retail price so that they can bring in a lot of profit through volume.

Amazon’s Webstore and Payment Services

Amazon’s Webstore is an e-commerce platform for new businesses as well as businesses that are looking for a new solution. The platform is similar to many other e-Commerce platforms that allow you to build and manage an e-Commerce store without developing your own. It provides you with a shopping cart, integration with Amazon’s marketplace and even web hosting.

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Alternatively, you can start offering Amazon’s checkout and order fulfillment services. This will give customers another option to checkout on your site and also let them know that their order is being fulfilled by Amazon. Because Amazon is known as the biggest e-Commerce site, you’ll be leveraging the company’s brand. This will lead to borrowed credibility and increase your sales.

There are many ways that e-Commerce business owners can leverage Amazon to grow their business. It’s not just about listing your products on the site anymore. There are a large number of advertising options available on Amazon. You can also take advantage of the features that come with Amazon’s services to get more exposure. With a little research and effort on developing a campaign, you can quickly create a revenue stream from one of Amazon’s many advertising programs.



Kyle Sanders is an e-commerce entrepreneur and co-founder of Complete Web Resources, a digital refinery that provides SEO for eCommerce merchants competing in competitive, national markets.



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