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AdWords Tips: 6 Ways To Use 'Offer Extensions' In AdWords

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adwords tipsAs a Google AdWords advertiser, you will gain immensely through Offer Extensions. Using these excellent marketing tools, you can now attach your unique rebates and discount offers to your Google ads and have them appear right in the Google search results.

The major benefit of having ‘offer extensions’ is easy accessible by potential customers: Usually, when you have discount offers on your products, your potential customers get to know about them only after they arrive on your website. This reduces the chance of product sales because several shoppers fail to locate the deals on your website. However, with ‘offer extensions’, you will be able to maximize your sales.

How do Offer Extensions work?

When your client clicks ‘View Offer’, he will be linked to the webpage where he can view the offer and make the purchase at a discounted rate. You can also arrange for a redemption code for your customer that hw can use during a limited period.
Google’s Offer Extensions are free. You will be charged only when someone clicks on your offer.

So read on to find the 6 practical Adwords tips to get the most out of ‘offer extensions’.


Make your customer feel special with exclusive offers

When your customer spots your ad with the offer on the search result page, he will be tempted to click it only when it is meant exclusively for him. That is why you should frame the offer in a way that the customer feels lucky to have searched your product and found the superb discount right in the nick of time.

For instance, you can write – Avail special 30% off on 30-day Slimming Kit. Valid for next 15 minutes. Hurry.

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Give substantial discounts to attract larger audience

You will find users scrambling for your offers and coupons wildly when you mention a substantial discount rate. Therefore, rather than offering meager 5% or 10% as discounts, choose at least 30% discount for your offer extensions.

Lower discounts hardly motivate the audience to take the pain of clicking and investing their precious time in making the purchase. When they spot a negligible rebate, they tend to think that they could get a better one elsewhere or after some time. Hence, you would lose the opportunity of making an immediate sale.

On the other hand, an incredible offer will prompt the audience to click and purchase the item right away.

Try different versions to learn which one works best

Offer Extensions allow you to frame the deals as per your convenience. You can display the discounts in percentage or in cash amount. You should also experiment with different words for generating quicker reaction from people.

The best way to ensure a reaction is to know the audience for whom you are structuring the deal. Are you targeting new network marketers? Then, you should frame the offer using expressions such as ‘new marketers’ or ‘budding marketers’ for getting the attention of the target group.

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Relevance of the offer is important

Google has made it clear that it will display offers of only the top three ads, which appear right on top of the result page. Therefore, you have a very good opportunity of triggering sales with offer extensions. You can generate the extensions from two levels – campaign level and ad group level.

If you choose to have offer extensions at the campaign level, all your ads in the particular campaign will display the extensions. Similarly, choosing the ad group level will allow you to enjoy extensions for every ad in the group.

Hence, you should check the relevance of the offer extensions with the concerned level in order to attract more response.

Enjoy automatic Offer Extensions

By opting for automatic Offer Extensions, you can allow Google to display your discounts/rebates automatically. For example, if you create an ad on silver jewelry in which you mention a discount on its purchase, Google will display your ad with ‘View this ad’s deal’ statement whenever someone types ‘silver jewelry’.

For making the automatic Offer Extensions work best, you need to create your discount ads using the right keywords. In this way, when Google scans the ad, it will find the discounts easily and will quickly show it to your prospective client.

Check your performance and better it

You can determine the usefulness of the Offer Extensions to your business by checking their performance in your AdWords account.

Select the campaign whose performance you would like to check. Then go to Add Extension > View (drop down) > Offer extensions. A data will be displayed regarding the performance of the extensions. By studying it, you can make positive changes in your Offer Extensions.

Jason Smith is an online manager for High Precast Concrete Group. He likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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