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6 Factors for More Ecommerce Sales

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Well, its an Ecommerce era all over the internet. Lots online stores are opening day by day and the competition is getting bigger. How can your new store survive well inside this competition?

There are 6 factors which you need to stress on for you to get more ecommerce sales:

1. Offers

Customers do have special inerest in offers every time. As your store is new, you need something special to grab the attention of the customer. Here is where offers can help.

What if you get the same product for a lesser price from an unknown store ? You’ll at least show some attention right? It is a very common consumer psychology to buy products in better profit(even if it is a smaller amount). Offers can also help you to market your store and boost your ecommerce sales, stores with big offers can get customer attention and lots of words of mouth.
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2. Trust

Okay, now lets come in to the most important aspect of any e-commerce store; Trust! No customer want to take risk. Your store must be convincing that it should get the trust of the customer. What all things would be the customer thinking in the “trust” point of view?

  • Will I lose money ,Will they deliver the product?
  • Will I get the product on time?
  • Will the product be of original(good) quality?

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Once you override these questions you can get the trust of customer. A solution is to provide convincing customer testimonials in your store explaining your promptness and quality oriented service.

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Design also play a key role in building trust. An outdated or messy design gives the customer a feel that the store is some kind of scam. A sleek and updated design helps to grab the trust of the customer. If you’re shopping for a beginning web design book, get the “Beginner’s Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics” first. It is the highly recommended number 1 best seller in web design for beginners. “You’ll end up using it until it’s dog-eared.”

Another important factor is the Facebook likes. The more likes you got the more trust you build.

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3. Testimonials

The probability of a customer to buy a product is more if some of his friends did buy the same product. This is a common consumer behavior. Very same like customer psychology comes to play with testimonials. A genuine testimonial builds trust to the store . Also a customer is more prone to buy the best selling products. “Hmm.. Many people buys this product. There should be something special with this product”. If you are interested in learning how to get more positive customer reviews, check out this previous post.

4. Product Uniqueness

So, what is the best thing about product uniqueness? The customer will never go out of your store.  The whole e-commerce business is about selecting the best product. Unlike a real life store, where the customer may have some relation with the store individuals, people may not have that intimacy with online e-commerce stores. If the same product is available at a cheaper price in another store, the customer flies off to that particular store.

Uniqueness forces the customer to stay inside the store. If a hotel does have special food , people rushes into the hotel right? Uniqueness also helps in easy brand building, as you all know brand name is very important in this business. A good example is the unique “melting clock“, being unique helps generating thousands of sales.

5. Contemporary Design

For sure, e-commerce websites are the ones which require much thoughtful design. Design should be store dependent. Well, the design for an ice cream store  will not work for a footwear store.

All the top e-commerce websites in the world do have intelligent designs which flows on par with the thoughts of the customer. Have a look at these top 10 e-commerce websites in the world and their brilliant designs.

You can get more inspired by reading some motivational stories about the most successful ecommerce in the world – The Everything Store.

A sleek and updated design can build the trust, interest, brand value, and friendliness of your e-commerce store which results in great conversions.

6. Familiarization

The relation between the estore and customer should be improved. If the customer is more familiarized with the store he might be more interested in buying a product. It’s like buying something from our friend other than from a stranger. Creating more friendliness reduces the gap between the customer and the store.
How can you get the customer more familiarized with your store?

  • Catchy and trendy store name- The idea is simple- once the customer hears the store name he should never forget it .  It is much better using catchy names like Google,Amazon,Apple than keyword oriented names like “myfootwears, besticecreams” etc which are more prone to be forgotten.
  • A Communicative design – The design should communicate with the customer. There are lots of ways to communicate like asking feedback, suggesting products, highlighting offers etc .
  • Email followups – Once you have  the customers email, send  mails to him regarding offers and latest updates in your stores wishing him a good day ahead. Such kind of email creates personal bond between the customer and store

What you need to build ultimately is the reputation of your store. All these 6 factors plays key roles in developing  relation and setting interest of the customer in your store . Once this interest is developed, the customer will no longer hesitate to buy your products.


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