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4 Useful Affiliate Marketing Tips

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If you are wondering why your affiliate links don’t convert well, here are 4 useful affiliate marketing tips you can use to help you understand where the problems are, make adjustments and increase your conversion rate and revenues.

Use Analytic Software

Without using any analytic software on your website, you are losing a lot of “nutritious’ data of your site,. An analytic tool is like a web doctor with an X-ray machine in hand, it can tell you how many traffic each of your webpages gets; where are those traffic come from; where does the traffic exit; what is the bounce rate, pageviews;  how long does your audience stay on your site; the audience’s geographic locations; what keywords they used for finding your website…. etc. All these are valuable data a web master needs to know for further improving any website.


Google Analytics is the #1 analytic software online , and the best part is, it is free. Millions of web site owners are using Google Analytics to evaluate their online marketing methods and efforts.  Google keeps on revising its interface and adding new features to it. It takes a long time for a newbie to fully understand all Google Analytics features and be able to take advantage of each of them. However, the more you learn to use Google Analytics, the more improvment you can give to your websites.

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I suggest to go to Amazon and buy this book “Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics“. It is the best Google Analytics Guide in print, it has all the basic and advanced topics necessary to help you master Google Analytics, including many case studies, demonstrations and advice. It is a must-read for any serious online marketers.

In addition to Google Analytics, you can also analyze your website using another software called heat mapping. It is very powerful in terms of  improving conversion rate by visualizing which sections of your website are most visited and clicked, so that you can adjust your website layout accordingly to monetize these information.

Use Tracking Code for Your Affiliate Links

It is common to promote the same affiliate product or service  in many different places on your websites, or even on many different platforms such as social medias, forums, and PPC, etc, you should use different tracking codes for different occasions.


Because tracking codes can track down which clicks are brought in by what sources. This way it is easier to find out which web pages perform better, or what location for banner ads can convert better.

Any big affiliate networks and decent affiliate programs should allow you to add tracking code for each affiliate link, so always use this feature to optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Affiliate with Related Products

Amazon is the best player in the field selling related products.  Being the largest marketplace online, Amazon has several sections on any page to introduce related products to its users:

  • Frequently Bought Together Section
  • Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought Section
  • What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item? Section

Amazon’s cross-referrencing strategy works and we should learn from it too. By adding more related products and accessories, there definetely will be more sales to be made.

Offer Bonuses to Your Audience

It is important to differentiate yourself from the crowd. There are many ways to achieve this. For example, I have seen some affiliate websites promoting Hostgator web hosting services also offer free WordPress installation service to newbies.  How about an affiliate marketer who promotes digital cameras also offers a free ebook teaching how to take professional photos using digital cameras, or an ebook of how to sell photos online and make profit.

Interested in creating such an ebook to give out to your audience? There are several ways you can get a quality ebook :

  1. You write the ebook yourself with a bit of research and hardwork.
  2. Purchase the resale rights of a related informational product.
  3. Find a freelancer from elance or odesk to write the ebook for you.

By offering these free giveaways, your audience are happier to click on your affiliate links and make more sales for you.


Recommended books from Amazon:

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