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3 Secrets to Successful e-Commerce

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successful e-commerceEverything in life changes and evolves with the invention of new technologies, ways of thought, consumer desire and community values. These changes all affect how you do business, interact with consumers and brand your business. If you do not have all areas of your business firing for success, your business may never reach its full potential, or even worse completely fail. This is why it is incredibly important that your business plan and marketing strategies fully consider every outlet that is available and how to effectively use each one both individually and as part of a larger plan.


E-commerce is one of the areas that has came about and made itself a prominent fixture in the business world. What once was regarded cautiously is now simply a new way to do business, and many upstanding companies and retailers have grabbed on to e-commerce as a way to directly sell their products and services.

The beauty of e-commerce is that it can be carried out in so many different capacities that the overhead for a business of this type can be relatively low, and can require no purchase of real estate as it can be operated from a residence. This being said it is easy to regard an e-commerce based business as a venture that requires little more than a web site and some products – this is the reason why many e-commerce businesses fail.

In order to gain success you must want it and work for it, e-commerce is no exception, in fact it may even take slightly more effort as there can be even more businesses competing for the same demographic, with the same products. So what are the 3 secrets for building a successful e-commerce?

Be an expert…

The first thing you may want to consider to build a successful e-commerce is that you will want to appear knowledgeable about the products and issues surrounding your business. This is why many companies have set to work at redesigning what people see when they visit the company’s website.

Businesses small and large have added a new depth to the user experience by offering relevant information by way of articles and content. This draws the consumer in to learn more and read the articles, it also helps to build trust and confidence that you do indeed know what you are talking about.

The key is to be sure that you are focused on items, tips and tricks that will be of interest to your target market and the questions they may have. The bonus prize for adding content or a blog style interface to your company’s website is that it offers even more opportunity for search engine optimization (SEO), which will in turn draw in more customers. Having great SEO means you will show up more often and at better rankings in the search results thereby boosting your web presence and the number of visitors to your page.

Make everything available…

To build a successful e-commerce, every product that your brand has to offer should be available for purchase on your site. It may be tempting to only display your most popular products; however, that is exactly what you don’t want to do. By showing the consumers every product that falls under your businesses umbrella, you are offering the consumer a chance to discover something new, something they may not have known existed, something they may not have realized that they want. In a store setting it is rare that every product a brand manufactures will be displayed. This is due to the space restrictions of a brick and mortar business. With an e-commerce business this will likely not be an issue.

Use customer service to make the difference…

Although there may be many competitors on the internet based sales scene for your products, you can set your business apart through customer service. Make yourself available to the consumer both before purchase, and for ongoing support after. Remember to be professional and friendly, and regardless of the situation keep condescending or negative comments to yourself. If you never did anything like this before it may be a great idea to learn from the veterans of the trade and look for the most effective sales training available. It’s better to learn quickly how you should handle your customers and there may be many tips tricks about best practice that prove to be invaluable. Remember, your customers are the people who are building your business and creating your paycheck, treat them with respect.

These 3 secrets to successful e-commerce may sound simple to say, but they require tremendous efforts and on-going attention to details from you – an e-commerce owner to make them happen.

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Jeremie Brenton is a business and marketing writer . He covers online marketing, SEO and green technology, you can contact him or check out his recent articles via his Google+ page.

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