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3 Prime Reasons Your Business Needs Mobile Apps (Applications)

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mobile appsEver wondered whether your business needs its own custom mobile apps? Here we have enumerated a few pointers to help you understand its necessity in the modern context. Have a look; you will understand why mobile apps for business are an absolute necessity.

Today almost everyone is connected through mobile networks. Manufacturers, Whole-sellers, Retailers, and Customers, all are seamlessly linked to the World Wide Web, thanks to high speed Wi-Fi connectivity that’s available over mobile networks these days.
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So, where would your potential customers use to search products and services that you offer?

Of course, on their mobile phones!

A data from Pew Internet suggest that, as of May 2013:

63% of all cellular phone users in the United States use their mobile gadgets to surf online, search for products and shop online!

This is a marked shift from the shopping behavior of people a good 5 years back.

With advancement in the technological frontier, custom mobile apps for business are now being developed by corporations all over the world.

The sole target for developing such custom mobile apps is to connect businesses with their target audience, that is customers both new and old, as well as capture leads and convert them into paying clients. The goal is to connect, engage, acquire, nurture people connections to help grow the business.

If you’re still undecided about whether to get custom mobile apps for your business, have a look at the 3 prime reasons why your business should have its own mobile apps.

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Your Customers Are Heavy Mobile Apps Users –

Yes, that’s true! The Pew Internet statistics indicate that:

34% internet users access the World Wide Web using only their wireless gadgets like smartphones and tablets.

Desktop and laptop usage have decreased considerably in the last year or so and a considerable spike in mobile phone sales indicates the growing shift from wired to wireless platforms.

It is time to catch up with the upwardly mobile audience and increase your market outreach by developing mobile apps for business.
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Your Customers Want Information

One crucial behavioral change noted among customers in the last few years is that, now people want information instantaneously. Patience has waned considerably as people have become seamlessly connected to the cyberspace.

A few years back marketing firms would cold call customers or send emails to them to inform about certain product/ service offers and discounts. Now, off-line marketing has taken a back seat.

Today all that a customer has to do is to install the company’s app on their smartphone and they could remain seamlessly connected to news, offers and updates from these businesses through these mobile applications.

Some of these mobile apps come with social plugins which enable users to rate the company’s products and services on social networks. This in turn helps in establishing a brand identity and authority for the business which further draws in more leads and generates revenue in due course.
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Your Customers Carry Mobile Phones Almost Everywhere –

The Pew Internet study also shows that:

29% cell phone users in the United States agree that they cannot live without their mobile phones.

Startling, but true!

Such is the bonding between cell phone users and their dream gizmos these days. So, developing custom mobile apps for business would eventually help you to maintain a one-to-one connection with your target audience which in turn would help your business grow.

Here is an interesting and educational video from Google developer that was recommended by one of the readers. If you are interested in designing mobile apps for business, this might be a good start:

These are 3 prime reasons why your business needs custom mobile apps.

Early adopter always has the advantage over late followers. The time is ripe for your business or brand to have its own mobile apps. Make the move and stay ahead of your competitors by developing mobile apps for business.

Koustuv Roy is a noted tech writer. He is also an expert in developing mobile applications, having over a decade of software application development experience under his belt.

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