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10 Ways to Make Fast Money During Christmas and Other Holidays

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20 ways to make fast money during holidaysNew Yorker Jeff Phillips, along with his band, had been part of a Christmas music ensemble at Central Park for the last four years. The event features an eclectic mix of music that crosses genres.
It’s a great way of getting our music out there and the pay is not too bad either,
says the young business professional and part-time musician, whose band enthralls listeners with their renditions of classic Christmas carols.
We’ve got offers for a couple of New Year’s Eve gigs too,
he adds. The holidays are the perfect time for him to use his skills as a musician with an added cash bonus.

Like Jeff, many people across the country will be putting in extra hours to earn money this Christmas- some steps out on cold wintry days, others earning extra online from the comfort of their home.

Short of cash this Christmas? Earn some!

So you’ve spent all your money at the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and have almost nothing left for Christmas shopping? Don’t start panicking just yet! Even if you don’t have musical talents to add to your income, here are 10 other ways to make fast money during Christmas and almost every other holiday.

1.      Have an online garage sale

The perfect way to get rid of all your old, unwanted stuff is to sell it online. There are plenty of takers on sites like eBay and Craigslist. A tip by Investopedia– If you have antique or rare items, you’ll be more successful selling them on eBay. Choose and sell your items wisely!
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2.      Craft Christmas products by hand

Put your love of all things crafty to good use by making handmade cards, gift tags and Christmas tree ornaments and selling them. Handcrafted products are very much in demand and people are always willing to pay a little for something more unique and personal rather than machine-made. You can even put them up on websites like Etsy, Artfire or Madeitmyself to reach a wider customer base.
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3.      Blog about holiday discounts

Blogging is not just for amateur writers and is now becoming a popular mode of communication for many professionals too. You can earn money by publishing your content on platforms offered byYahoo. From writing about Amazon’s great daily deals on electronics, books and more to how seniors can save almost $400 by purchasing AARP auto insurance coverage, blog about how people can take up discounts offered by many businesses during the holidays.

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4.      Get an extra job

Retail stores are bustling with activity this time of year, so there is always the possibility of weekend or part-time jobs being available. If retail does not work for you, how about a work-at-home job? Rgister with, then go through the long list of work at home opportunities. If you are good at writing, then check out the all the online writing jobs.

5.      Love photography? Get paid!

If you’ve got an eye to capture beautiful holiday moments, you can earn money this holiday season by registering on stock photo websites like iStock and Shutterstock. If your photos are chosen, you can earn a royalty for every photo of yours that’s downloaded.

trick photography and special effect

6.      Complete online tasks

How about completing a few surveys in exchange for a bit of money? Sites like MyPoints, Swagbucks and i-Say have surveys or polls you need to complete in exchange for points that you can cash in, says a Yahoo article on how the internet can be used to make money at Christmas.

I found out a great way to make fast money using Fiverr is to land a job that pays you more than $5, then go to Fiverr to hire someone do the job for you with $5. You make a quick profit without much of your own effort. Sweet!


get paid to take surveys

7.      Rent out your living space

If you’re planning to go away for the holidays, think about renting your home to tourists or short-termers, especially if you live in a big city. List your properties on sites like Airbnb or Roomorama. Here’s a guide by a budget blog Wise Bread on how to get your rental space ready for the vacations.

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8.      Start a food catering service

Catering for holiday parties or packing Christmas baskets with goodies this holiday can be a money-spinner for you. Here are a few tips by Ajaero Tony Martins of Top Business Ideas for those planning to start a catering service from home.

9.      Baby-sit or even pet-sit

Watch your friends’ or neighbors’ kids while they go out shopping or for parties or take care of a pet while the owners go on holiday to earn a few extra bucks this Christmas. If being responsible is your forte, it’s an easy way to earn a few extra bucks.

10.  Become a personal shopper

No holiday is complete without shopping and if you can shop till you drop, why not earn good money at the same time? Wealthy people with hectic schedules hire people to be their personal shoppers during the holidays. If being part of the mad rush at the stores gives you a high, here’s a Fabjob Guide to Become a Personal Shopper and tips from Fox Business to start you off!

Got some great ideas to earn money during the holidays? With plenty of ways to earn cash all around, you won’t be cash-strapped this Christmas. Make sure you make good use of every opportunity in your workplace, neighborhood or city and most importantly, stick to your holiday budgets. Happy Holidays!


Elvis Donnelly, a father of two who works from home. I am a voracious reader and like to keep abreast of current affairs on personal finance, technology and innovation. In my spare time, I love taking on home improvement projects and consider myself a closet chef.


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